High-lift HAIR COLOR

Designed for naturally dark hair, High-Lift Hair Color provides the ideal balance of lift and tone for a naturally cool result. *Our formulas infuses the hair with incredible, healthy looking shine with our signature blend of botanical oils - sunflower, castor and jojoba. 

blonding servicES

If you desire ultimate lift, our blonding services will take you there. Our lightener products are formulated with a signature blend of protective plant oils - sunflower, castor and jojoba to help create a protective formula for healthy looking hair that's full of shine. 

*All menu prices are starting prices

Blonding Session pricing is determined by your Stylist, during the consultation, and may vary for a variety of factors:  the experience level of your stylist, the length & thickness of your hair, the desired Blonding result, and the time and product required to guarantee your service longevity.

All Blonding Services come with a Prescription, which will allow you to know how to preserve your Blonding Investment with an at-home Lifestyle Maintenance System and to help keep you and your Blonde Accents' looking natural and healthy at all times. Blonde Refresh–Finishes | Toners, are recommended in between 6 Week Visits which include a complimentary Blow-Out & Style.