Our permanent hair color offers endless shade choices from outrageous shades to purely natural looks and amazing grey coverage results. We use fade-resistant formulas for essentially damage-free results with our signature blend of botanical oils - sunflower, castor and jojoba. 


The ammonia-free demi-permanent hair color is a gentle formula which actually improves the condition of damaged hair. The beautiful rich color lasts up to 8 weeks gradually fading on tone. It's the perfect option to gloss your hair for beautiful shine and condition.

*All menu prices are starting prices

Colour Sessions pricing are determined by your Stylist, during the consultation, and may vary for a variety of factors:  the experience level of your stylist, the length & thickness of your hair, the desired colour result, and the time and product required to guarantee your service longevity. All Colour Services come with an Prescription, which will allow you to know how to preserve your Colour Investment with an at-home Lifestyle Maintenance System and to help keep you and your color looking vibrant and fresh at all times.